12/02/2022 BTS

โ€œ…I genuinely wish you a beautiful love story. May your love journey, be the best you’ve ever read or heard ofโ˜บ…โ€

Generation M

“…this dude had taken his time to look for the largest Valentine’s card he could get. I actually feel like A4 is a smaller size than that card…”


“…That does not in any way mean that you are incompetent or are bad at what you do; it just wasn’t your time to have it…”


“…It’s these decisions that give us the best memories. It’s these decisions that we look back at, 5 or so years later and marvel at how much we’ve grown…”


“…So yeah it was just one of those primary school shenanigans. Kumbe hizi tabia zilikuwa kila mahali ๐Ÿ˜‚…”


“…my husband’s close friends so that they help me surprise him with his dream car on his 36th…”

20 BOB๐Ÿ˜‚

“…The Meru in me has never been patient with the long queues at these offices and this explains…”


“…It goes without saying that I have, on a couple of occasions, mistaken people’s daughters for boys. Anyway irrrriiizzzz whaaarrrriiizzz!…”


โ€œ…So would you guess what I did??? I called my sister and requested her to explain…โ€


Heeeyyyy!!! Is it just me ama this last quarter has literally flown by. I keeennnttt mbiliv we are in November already. It’s just juzi I started my second semester and in a minute I’m already preparing for my exams. Yaani it’s just jana I was hyping my friends for Konshens concert (never mind I didn’t…